The Equestrian Wife


As I mentioned in my blog post about saying goodbye to Jack, when one door closes, another opens. While I bid ado to my friend, I said hello to a new one. Down in the lower barn, at the way end of the aisle on the left sat “Jim.” He had just come to the barn in December as a lesson horse. At 15.2 hands, Jim is a solid black registered Paint…. Read More

In a mere couple of hours, 2017 will be gone and we will enter into 2018. These last few hours are a perfect time for reflection and how our year has been. It’s a time to look at the highs and the lows and consider what we have learned from each day. For me, the beginning of 2017 seems like ages ago. I began my year not even having ridden Jack yet… Read More

Last year was the first Christmas after my husband and I got married. Our Christmas card was a given; it was a wedding photo. It was beautiful and perfect, but it was missing just one thing. Our animals. A year or so prior to that Christmas card, it was our little orange tabby rescue kitten, Screecher, on the annual cards. We had placed him in a holiday box under twinkling lights and… Read More