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Spring has come to New England and with it, we prepare for the biggest battle we equestrians face: flies. Just last week, I spotted my first bee of 2019. Gnats are beginning to beat their wings. My husband is finding baby spiders in his car. We must be ready. Last week, I purchased my first few bottles of fly spray for Jim. Tucking one in my tack trunk, I hung the other… Read More

A friend shared an old George Morris quote recently about how kids these days don’t learn enough about the work behind horses. They may learn to ride or the mechanics, but they don’t get the down and dirty work that actually goes into taking care of your horse. My experience growing up with horses was very different than many who had the funds. My parents paid for every other week lessons for… Read More

I stumbled upon the View Halloo Equestrian Competition Journal by chance. View Halloo was a featured Instagram account in a giveaway I had entered. It was one of those like a bunch of accounts and be entered contests. At first I thought nothing of it until View Halloo’s journal came by my feed. Anyone that knows me knows there’s two things I love; paper products and planning. I love being organized. I… Read More

This is for the girls that can’t afford the $5,000 saddle or the $1,000 pair of tall boots. This is for the girls that have spent years dedicated to trying to move up a level and just won’t give up. This is for the girls braiding and shining their grade pony for a show because they know he’s just as good as the $10,000 warmbloods. This is for the girls that cheer… Read More

(Photo courtesy of Helmet. The second you say the word it’s like you stepped onto a battlefield and raised your flag, signifying your troops to charge on full force like a scene out of Braveheart. It’s one of the most polarizing topics on Facebook groups and Instagram wars. Why, when you step onto a 1,000 pound animal with a mind of its own, you should wear a helmet. Anyone who has… Read More

Temperatures here in the Northeast have been cold…very, very cold. We’re talking in the negatives with wind chills cold and it’s only January. Knowing a traditional New England winter can extend into March, I knew I couldn’t just stop riding. I’m blessed at Jack’s barn with an indoor, but sometimes it’s still too cold. There’s days I take Jack out of his stall and I feel bad about peeling off those layers… Read More

It’s the question everyone gets asked in January; did you make a New Year’s resolution? In the past, I have. However this year I didn’t bother. Instead, I made myself a goal and an affirmation. Every year after I make a resolution, I maybe remember it for a little while. I may try and follow it. But after awhile and definitely by March, I’ve forgotten what I resolved to do. The resolution… Read More

I recently received my “Live Extraordinary” Planner for Equestrians in the mail. I was so excited about this particular delivery especially after a tough day at the barn. What first intrigued me about this planner and what set it apart from others was that it wasn’t just a calendar or blank pages for notes. Instead it looked like it would provide me a wealth of goal setting help and ways to achieve… Read More

I think my husband would love me writing a blog post on this. You see, unlike in Europe, men riding English have a horrendous time riding riding clothes in the United States. Somewhere over the years between the Revolutionary War and the 1700s and now, we as a culture as Americans have forgotten that men can ride English too. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of high level and high… Read More

With springtime finally coming to New England, the discussion is now on show season. In a fortunate-unfortunate scenario, both my husband and I enjoy showing. The problem? Sharing a horse. We began negotiations about how to work show season out and eventually came to a compromise. The key to the answer was simply the fact that I am currently riding Jack while my husband is not yet. However, since Jack hasn’t been… Read More