Product Review: Tack ‘n Treats Box

Recently I was one of 25 winners who got a sneak peek at a new subscription box service, Tack ‘n Treats. I was very excited to receive my box as Tack ‘n Treats go a step beyond just your normal monthly box. A portion of what you pay for each box goes to horse rescues.

I received my box quickly in the mail in a nice little branded Tack ‘n Treats box. After opening it, I first found a piece of paper detailing everything that was in my box which I found very useful.


In my box I got a navy lead rope, a face brush, a large bag of treats, some saddle soap, an electrolyte supplement, a thing of vetwrap, and a horse sticker. The box was also scattered with peppermints!



Probably the funniest thing about opening my box was just the other day I was thinking how I didn’t have a good small face brush. I have a few bigger soft brushes in my kit that are close, but nothing small enough. And there it was in my box!

I also enjoyed that it was a large bag of treats rather than a small sample because – let’s admit it – Jim gets a good deal of treats. I loved that the Co-Flex wrap was red, Jim’s stable color!

The only thing I probably won’t use is the supplement. I have Jim on a pretty strict diet. However I like that the supplement is not just for horses and since we have other animals at the barn, someone will enjoy it.

Overall it was a nice little box and full of fun surprises. I love getting things in the mail so it was great!

Tack ‘n Treats will begin shipping boxes Oct. 1. If you subscribe before Oct. 1, the box is $39.95 a month.

(I won this box randomly via a Facebook/Instagram contest.)


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