Product Review: Professional’s Choice VenTECH Jump Pad

Recently I went on the search for a new everyday saddle pad for Jim and I. He sweats a lot (black and New England in the summer do not mix well) and I was looking for something that had a lot of moisture wicking, but would be stylish, stay in place and fit my saddle.

During my search, I came across the Professional’s Choice VenTECH Jump Pad. Retailing at $39.95, it wasn’t a bad price. Attached to my western saddle is a Professional’s Choice VenTECH cinch so I knew I really liked the VenTECH technology that the company puts in their products.


I ordered it in red since I decided red would be Jim’s new color. I ordered it on with a $5 gift certificate off my next purchase on the site. When it arrived, I was so happy. Along with a wonderful underside which is entirely moisture wicking and VenTECH, the pad features D-ring attachments at the top and the usual girth holder at the bottom. Around the girl is reinforced and the pad just feels well made. It’s also shaped very nicely for a typical close contact saddle.


Overall, it’s a great pad and I would definitely consider ordering more colors. For the quality and the price point (I can’t exactly afford a Mattes!) it’s a well-made, gorgeous pad that does a great job.

(I did not in any way receive compensation for this review, I purchased the product myself and the opinion is entirely my own.)


2 Comments on “Product Review: Professional’s Choice VenTECH Jump Pad

  1. I’ve been eyeing this! I’d love to know how it washes/dries and if it is a hair magnet. Keep us posted!


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