Product Review: Dream Cushion Foundation On-The-Go

Part of being an equestrian is also having the tools from going from the barn out into the general public. And what girl doesn’t like their makeup? For me though, I don’t have hours to sit and do my makeup. I tend to have a makeup bag in my purse ready to throw a face on while I’m rushing around doing things. I’m also incredibly picky about my foundation.

While at the store, I found they didn’t have my usual foundation. So I decided to mix it up a bit. I’m not typically a Sephora shopper (let’s face it, that money is spent at the tack shop.) I do subscribe to the Ipsy bag so I can have some fun with new products once a month and it isn’t expensive. I typically use a lot of drugstore brands.

I picked up Maybelline’s Dream Cushion Luminous Liquid Foundation.

I was drawn to it since they had it in my shade and it was marketed as on the go. That intrigues me. Once I got it home, I immediately opened it up to try it. It has its own little sponge with a strip of fabric for your finger. You dab it on the cushion underneath that has the product on it, dab it on and use little taps to blend.

I was really pleasantly surprised. At $15, it needed to be something good. It covered nicely, blending was pretty easy and it’s very light. I don’t feel like I have a whole face of makeup on. And my usual shade came out perfect. It definitely lived up to its name of being a dream.

I’m going to continue using the product and see how it goes, especially when I sometimes do my makeup in the car. For right now, this gets two thumbs up!

(I purchased this product with my own money and did not receive any compensation for this review.)




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