Product Review: Vibrant Clay and Jewelry

You are a horse owner or have a friend who owns a horse and you’re looking for the perfect gift for him/her. Horsehair jewelry is out of the question. The person doesn’t want to cut their horse’s tail. Or they would never wear it. In comes Vibrant Clay and Jewelry.

I have had a number of custom animals made by Leanne. A quick Facebook message is all it takes to order. She does have a waiting list and is usually booking custom projects for the next month or so. They typically run anywhere from $40 up depending on the complexity of the custom work. She will add props or different poses or anything you can imagine! You can even make your horse into a unicorn.

The dog I had done (shown above) was my childhood Sheltie named Oreo. All I had was a few photos of her from when I was a child. Leanne worked with me and made a spot on replica of her. I treasure it forever. I’ve also had gifts done for other people of their horses.

Don’t want to order custom? She posts horses, dogs, cats, chickens, elephants – almost any animal – up for sale on her Facebook page. Right now she’s running a whole line of Easter-themed animals she has done!

If you’re interested, go ahead and like her Facebook page and send her a message! She will let you know the wait time and after you send photos and describe what you’d like, how much it will be. She does accept PayPal.

(I have paid for all custom work done by Vibrant Clay and Jewelry and did not receive any compensation for this review.)


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