Product Review: Back on Track Mesh Sheet

I have to admit, Back on Track products has become a staple in my tack trunk. From polo wraps to exercise boots to now the sheet, I’ve noticed a difference in my horse.

I received the mesh sheet as a Christmas gift this past year and it’s been one of my favorite things to put on the horses I ride! After a cold, winter ride, it’s a wonderful feeling to untack and put this on them. Almost every horse I’ve placed it on so far has relaxed on the crossties, started licking and chewing with relief, and began to fall asleep.

Under the blanket, you can feel the warmth radiating from the sheet as it works its magic. I’ve even enjoyed draping myself in it to warm up on chilly days!

They are definitely worth the money. For your basic black, depending on horse size, they run from $199-$250. They are also now offered in navy, burgundy and hunter green.

Back on Track also offers a variety of people and dog items and I will definitely be adding some people products for me into my collection in the future!

(Note: I received my sheet as a gift from family and did not receive any compensation for this review.)


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