Dealing with grief as a team

Most people when they heard I had sold Jack consoled me. They knew how affected I was since he was my horse. But what they didn’t consider is how it affected my husband.

Thomas was there since day one supporting me. He helped me fall in love with Jack from the very beginning. He was ringside when we completed our first dressage test. He was there as we worked over and over on Jack’s showmanship. He helped show Jack in-hand when I was too nervous to step foot in the ring with him. He was my shoulder to lean and cry on when times got tough.

It’s been a rough week for both of us. As I deal with the loss of a friend – although very much the right decision – he’s dealing with it too. He was the one who helped me take off my stall plate. He helped box up some of the mementos. He’s there to hug me at night and remind me it’s all going to be OK.

He has helped me show an amazing amount of courage.

I don’t think I could go through this without him. He knows me, he loves me and he cares about me enough to know how important my safety is. I have a lot to thank him for.

As we move forward, I know we’ll move forward as a team. I’ll sit ringside during his lessons, taking embarrassing photos and videos of him because I’m a proud wife. He’ll help me shine my boots going into the ring so I can look my best. We’ll both give each other smiles and “go get ’em tigers” as we enter the show ring.

Tough times can only break down a marriage if you let it. The true test is coming out of it stronger and more bonded than ever before.



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