Product Review: Rider’s by Dover Saddlery Fleece Exercise Rug

Temperatures here in the Northeast have been cold…very, very cold. We’re talking in the negatives with wind chills cold and it’s only January. Knowing a traditional New England winter can extend into March, I knew I couldn’t just stop riding. I’m blessed at Jack’s barn with an indoor, but sometimes it’s still too cold.

There’s days I take Jack out of his stall and I feel bad about peeling off those layers of warm blankets. He’s a finicky horse and he loves to be warm. He runs cold most of the time. I knew I had to get a quarter sheet for riding.

I decided on a quarter sheet over just throwing a cooler over him so that he could stay warm during the workout. I haven’t been working him hard enough to build up a lot of sweat so the quarter sheet was the perfect choice.

I ordered a Rider’s by Dover Saddlery Fleece Exercise Rug when it was on sale for $34.99. The site lists the normal price as $46.95.


The rug comes in four colors, navy with charcoal piping (which I got), black with blue piping, charcoal with black piping, and periwinkle with gray piping. It can also be monogrammed in multiple different ways which I took part in. A lot of riders at my barn got these around the same time so I wanted to make sure they knew it was mine!

On Dover’s site, the sheet is described as made from soft, anti-pill fleece that is lightweight, breathable, wickable and allows for freedom of movement. It also has an easy on/off wither hook-and-loop closure and tail cord.

I haven’t tried it on Jack yet, but I am very excited to. It came very quickly (especially considering it was a personalized item). The monogram was correct. And so far it’s exactly as described! The only thing that could possibly be better would be different sizes. Right now these are kind of one-size-fits-all products and horses are varying lengths.




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