Wrapping up 2017

In a mere couple of hours, 2017 will be gone and we will enter into 2018. These last few hours are a perfect time for reflection and how our year has been. It’s a time to look at the highs and the lows and consider what we have learned from each day.

For me, the beginning of 2017 seems like ages ago. I began my year not even having ridden Jack yet (he was still with his trainer being broke.) I was entering into my first year of marriage with my husband. I was settled, but at the same time, the year brought so much potential.

2017 has treated me well. I accomplished a lot of milestones with Jack from my first ride on him in February, to our first in-hand show in April to his first off-property show then riding him in his first few shows, competing in dressage, and our goal-breaking versatility show that I did for fun that I never in my life thought I’d do as well as I did. He got approved in his inspection for the American Warmblood Society and Sporthorse Registry and received 4th for 3-year-old and older Stallions/Geldings in inspection score. He also received National Bronze for Western Dressage for AWSSR.

However 2017 is ending a bit rougher for us; although it’s going to make us a better team overall. With the cold that’s settled into the Northeast, we’ve gone back to basics with ground work and respect. We’re filling in some holes in our relationship that will only make things better in the long run.

But my year hasn’t only been about Jack. Not only did I launch this blog, but I’ve began discovering all of the amazing things about being married. My husband is my best friend. When he accomplishes something, I can’t help but be proud. This past year he got a promotion at work and began riding English. And I’m so proud of him for accomplishing his dreams and not letting anything get in his way. He is so determined and sweet and I love everything about him.

And now we’re looking toward 2018 as a team. What are our lives going to look like? What changes might be make? Although we don’t know what will come at us in 2018, we know we will take it on together. As a family.

2017-12-01 Christmas Card Pics-12


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