Product Review: Live Extraordinary Planner for Equestrians

I recently received my “Live Extraordinary” Planner for Equestrians in the mail. I was so excited about this particular delivery especially after a tough day at the barn. What first intrigued me about this planner and what set it apart from others was that it wasn’t just a calendar or blank pages for notes. Instead it looked like it would provide me a wealth of goal setting help and ways to achieve success both in my life and with my horse. The planner will cost you $55 plus $8 shipping.


This is what my planner looked like right out of the box. (It’s about an 8.5 x 11″) Immediately I noticed a soft, black cover with spirals built into the side (tidy, but a bit difficult to turn pages, but I don’t mind it.) It also included two handy little bookmarks which I have already found uses for – I’ll go into that more later. I’m a bit worried about the cover holding up to daily use, however I’ll be keeping this at home and not at the barn so it should be safe as long as it stays away from my cats.


Opening the planner, I found a whole bunch of treasures. In it was a link to helping set up the planner along with this handy overview to help you get to know the planner. With so many pages and formats for goal setting, this guide will really come in handy. As I said before, this isn’t your typical planner. You can tell the creators really thought it through and it is a true experience and tool.


Opening up the planner, I actually felt relaxed. Just reading the inspiration helped get me into a goal-setting mood. Although I haven’t filled anything out yet since I wanted to do this review with some blank photos, I can’t wait to sit down and get thinking. Goal setting is so individual and complex and the planner – along with the whole Horses-U program – really helps break it down and make some sense out of it. Goals are so lofty and can be so general so figuring out a concrete way to get there is crucial.


I also received the progress journal which was tucked in the front of my planner. This handy little guide breaks down keeping track of your goals. One of the things I really loved was the “wall” of what is stopping you from achieving your goals. Some of mine that end up in there might be anxiety, nerves and fear. I will probably keep this book in the front of the planner so I don’t lose it. One tip for the creators might be the addition of a pocket on the inside of the cover of the planner so you can tuck this book in and keep it close!


This is just a small sampling of some of the goal-setting pages and monthly pages. There are 14 blank month pages included in the planner which is great considering I can start whenever I want and there are enough months to get from December 2017-January 2019. Some of the goal-setting pages make you think. They get into the depths of who you are and what you want to achieve with your horse. It breaks down what is keeping you back, where you want to be, and all of the steps in between to get there. I enjoy all of the little tips and tricks included in this planner since I don’t think I could come up with a lot of it for myself.

I put one of the bookmarks in the first month page so I could keep track of it. That was definitely one of my tips!


Next up was the pages and pages upon pages of weekly layouts. Each layout breaks everything down and makes it easy to track your monthly goals by each day. This makes it a lot easier to be able to achieve your goals since you can see what you have to do each day to get there. I also enjoyed what the planner calls W.I.N which boils everything down to what should be accomplished that day.


At the end, not only is there a glance at what you’d like to accomplish in 2019, but a section for medical notes about your horse with plenty of room for multiple horses (I’ll probably break it down somehow for just Jack). It also has a bucket list for things you’d like to accomplish long-term.

Overall I really enjoyed the Live Extraordinary Equestrian Planner and I can’t wait to use it. I think it stays true to the Horses-U model of “Dream fearlessly. Ride smart.” As a busy wife and horse mom, the planner will help me define my goals, keep to them and help me achieve.

(Note: I did receive the planner complimentary of Horses-U to review. My review, however, is my own feelings on the planner.)


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