Our holiday traditions – with horses

Last year was the first Christmas after my husband and I got married. Our Christmas card was a given; it was a wedding photo. It was beautiful and perfect, but it was missing just one thing. Our animals.

A year or so prior to that Christmas card, it was our little orange tabby rescue kitten, Screecher, on the annual cards. We had placed him in a holiday box under twinkling lights and on a bed of “snow.”

This year, we are involving Jack. Although I won’t reveal yet what they look like (maybe I’ll do that in a future blog post), we had a ton of fun taking some quick shots with him. Last year I purchased a horse Santa hat that has the perfect holes for equine ears. It gets passed around the barn and my friends all take turns having fun with the hat. It’s like a December tradition now to bring out the Santa hat and torture our poor horses with embarrassing photos.

As Thomas and I have embraced our love of our equine friends, we have begun to focus a lot of our traditions on them. As close to Christmas as we can get to the barn, we’ll be there with plenty of peppermints and love. Although Jack can’t sit with us next to the Christmas tree and open up his gifts, he’s there in spirit. After Christmas, we’ll be bringing whatever horse-related gifts we received directly to the barn to continue to love on them. They are part of the family.

I’m sure as time goes on, we’ll develop even more traditions as a family. And I can’t wait!

*Note: I thought I’d spread a good deal I found while making our Christmas cards! Snapfish.com is running a deal with 70% off all cards. (Promo code: NOEL70) They do a really good job! (Nope, I didn’t receive anything for this endorsement. I simply bought my cards from there and wanted to share a good deal for us broke equestrians!


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