Knowing when it’s just not your day

My morning today was almost comical it was so terrible. After waking up after our alarms and both exhausted, my husband and I knew it was just “one of those mornings.” Trying to get him out to work on time, he had a thermos of coffee. After eating breakfast at the table, he walked away leaving the thermos. Well up came the cat and when I tried to shoo him away, proceeded to startle and drag the placemat off the table, throwing the thermos on its side and coffee everywhere…And when I say everywhere I mean everywhere. It dripped down the table, all over the chair and onto the rug. It soaked through the rug and onto luckily…a tile floor.

Exhausted and now cleaning up spilled coffee, I held back rage and tears while dashing for the paper towels and carpet cleaner. Thomas helped me sop up the mess and – since he was already running late – ran out the door.

After scrubbing the rug and getting the table and chair dry, I flipped up the carpet so the bottom could dry and stand up. What’s on the table? Thomas’ cell phone. In the chaos of running out the door, he forgot it. “Ok I’ll just email his work email and let him know. I got this.” Did that and settled down to finish my own coffee and get ready for the barn.

I hoped my entire day wouldn’t go so horribly. Nothing horse time couldn’t fix, right? Wrong. Not even 30 minutes at the barn and one of the guys working on the new fences at the farm come down to the lounge. “You have a horse running around.”

Sure enough, there comes Jack running down the hill right toward me, having gotten out of the round pen from turn out time. The gate must have just been not snug enough. He usually didn’t break through it. Thank god telling Jack woah does actually make him stop and he does listen. Grabbing him by the halter, I hauled his butt back into the barn.

That was my last strike. I was done for the day. I gave up and went home. Because sometimes you have to know when today just isn’t your day. If I had proceeded to try and work Jack, I would have lost it. I was almost to tears as it was and it just wouldn’t have been productive for either of us. Sometimes it’s not worth fighting through.

Knowing when to take a “chill pill” and cool off is important both in a relationship with a spouse and with a horse. I knew I was in no mood to be productive. I needed to step away and take a break. Knowing when you have reached this point in your marriage and communicating that you need to step back for a second and calm down before you say something you’ll regret is important too.

Sometimes days just don’t go your way and crazy things combine to make it terrible. But  tomorrow is a new day. You can make the most of the rest of your day and try again tomorrow.


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