Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Equestrian

Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever December holiday you celebrate is around the corner. It’s almost Black Friday time and people all over are beginning to get gifts in order. 

If you have an equestrian in the family, you might not know what to get them. Put down that unicorn book end, Grandma Jane. Yup, I’m looking at you and that horse pillow, Uncle Bob. 

Some family members might say “I don’t want to get anything for the horse, it’s a gift for you!” The truth is equestrians see gifts for their horses as gifts for them. Sometimes a new saddle pad or a leather halter with their horse’s name on it means more to them than a new TV. These girls and guys spend hours at the barn with their equine friends and they are our best friends. Equestrians also LOVE spoiling their horses!

Here’s a variety of gift ideas for your equestrians. They range from halters, brushes, a monthly subscription box, horse-inspired jewelry that will be welcomed with open arms, where to donate in their honor that they’ll love, and acceptable gift cards for the equine life. Good luck on your search for that special someone (and their horse!)

The first thing is to know if your equestrian rides English, Dressage or Western. On most tack sites, those are the three big categories. Below I’ve included a variety of different items spreading out over all of the disciplines.


(Photo Credit:

A nice halter with a name plate is a stylish gift that any equestrian would love. This would work for any discipline and is especially great if you can find out the horse’s registered or show name.

The one shown above is from Schneider’s. It’s the Premier Fort Worth 3/4″ Leather Halter. Starts at $39.99 without nameplate.

One of my next gift suggestions is actually something I received in my Saddle Box a week ago. It’s the Epona Jewel Tool Groomer. It retails at SmartPak for $11.35. I started using this curry comb after I received it in my box and it’s already one of my favorites. It’s easy to use and comfortable on your hand and any equestrian would love to get it under the tree!

Another idea that is something your equestrian can receive year-round with a special surprise in their mailbox every month is a subscription to Saddle Box. On the site, it allows you to gift a box to someone. The box has all kinds of cool things equestrians can use and love. Retails: $34.95 per month.

back on track

(Photo credit: Back on Track)

Something a bit pricier, but something your equestrian will adore for their horse is the Back on Track Mesh Sheet. Retails: $199 to $249 depending on the horse’s size. I actually have this sheet on my own Christmas list and it’s the only thing I really want this year. These sheets are so therapeutic for all horses after exercise. They also now come in navy, burgundy and green along with the classic black.


(Photo credit:

Want something a bit more for your rider? A cute bracelet with their horse’s name is always adorable and equestrians love wearing them! This one is the Padded Leather Bracelet from Schneider’s. Starts at $10.99 without nameplate.

If you’d like to do something a bit different and a bit more focused on charity, you can always donate to their favorite horse rescue or organization in their honor. For me personally in Connecticut, I am a huge supporter of two: Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue and Second Chance Ranch. As the owner of a rescue horse, rescue organizations are very close to my heart and it would mean a lot to have people donate to them for me. Every little bit counts for these rescues!

When in doubt of what to get, gift cards are always appreciated. Equestrians love gift cards to their barns for lessons, tack shops such as SmartPak, Dover Saddlery, Schneider’s, etc, and places they visit a lot especially during horse show season like Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks and Tractor Supply Company.

Good luck finding a gift for your equestrian this holiday season and I hope this helped!


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