When one horse isn’t enough

The problem with both my husband and I being horse people is sharing.

Yup. Sharing.

For some, sharing comes easy at home. It’s “our” TV, it’s “our” movie collection, etc. However it’s not so easy when it comes to horses, horse equipment and differing needs.

One of the things we have had to figure out is how to navigate sharing horse items and even the horse. Jack quickly became more “my” horse than his horse. At 14.3 hands, he’s perfect for my 5’0″ height with no legs, but not so good for my husband’s 5’9″ legs that go on forever. Also, just sharing is hard. You can’t exactly ride together if you only have one horse.

That was when Guinness came into our lives. At over 16 hands, he’s the perfect height for my husband and he’s also just a general sweetheart, but also a fun ride. He looks smashing in a English saddle which is exactly what he likes to ride in. And Guinness needed someone who could give him ride time. Problem solved.

However the difficulty of sharing comes into play even with our tack trunk. Hoof conditioners, fly spray, shampoo – they all never last very long. But we’ve started figuring out how to work things out and who uses what more. The only problem left to tackle is when he doesn’t leave things in the same spot I left them!

We may have had to figure out a lot of things, but with communication, we have. It’s also a great lesson for our marriage and how to make sure both of our needs are fulfilled and we’re both happy. And I’m one proud wife when I see him riding and achieving his goals.



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