Product Review: The Saddle Box!

I have a really exciting review for you guys today! I received my Saddle Box! (Click on this link to check it out!)

Saddle Box is a monthly subscription for $34.95 that sends you all kinds of horse-related goodies in a wonderful little teal box! It contains on average $60 worth of items and includes a variety of tack, grooming tools, treats and more!

So here we go, my unboxing review (complete with tons of photos!)


I was so excited when this box arrived yesterday and I absolutely couldn’t wait to review it and see what special items waited inside!


The first item I noticed right off the bat that I was SUPER excited about was the Epona Jewel Tool Groomer. I don’t think Saddle Box realized it when they sent my box, but almost everything I have for Jack is blue so I was so happy to see a nice sapphire curry comb!

The really neat thing about this curry comb is it conforms right to your hand. It’s also adjustable so you can adjust the part that goes over your hand right to your correct size. This is great since I have tiny hands and usually the bands over the brushes do absolutely nothing for me. I think Jack will enjoy this and it will be great for getting that winter mud and dirt off that’s coming in a few months here in New England!

The other grooming tool I received was a paracord wrapped hoof pick from K & T Creations LLC.


Even though orange isn’t usually my color, I love the feel of this hoof pick. The paracord gives it a nice soft grip and I could imagine it would be super easy to bring along in a trail pack or attach to your saddle if you went out trail riding!

The next thing I received was a bag of Jacks Braiding Bands.


If you’re like me, you can never have enough braiding bands. It seems like they always disappear! I once had a mouse chew the corner of a bag of bands and I lost a whole ton of them! Definitely useful for show season and the summer and for Jack, year round since I keep his tail braided and bagged almost all of the time. (He has a very magnificent tail!)

The other braiding item I received to go with the bands was the Kiss My Horse setting lotion for braids and bands.


I really like that it’s all natural and easy to use. It says to just spray on after braiding. I’ll need to try this on Jack soon since he gets the fluffiest mane and it’s really hard to keep braids in sometimes. I may even explore some of the shampoo filled sponges they sell as well on their site!

Another must have that will definitely be useful in my first aid kid with an accident prone horse is the Theracyn Wound & Skin Care Spray.


A good wound spray is definitely a necessity. I also love that this is safe for cats. I happen to have two cats that rough and tumble a lot and both have claws so they do sometimes get cut.

The last bottle I received of product was the Spurr’s Big Fix Hoof Fix Cream Moisturizer.


Jack’s feet are prone to cracking on the sides because of how he wears down his right side so I’m always interested in good hoof moisturizer. The only thing with this sample size is going to be how to apply it. I’m used to the big containers with the brushes already attached in the bottle (like how this product is sold on the Spurr’s Big Fix website.) I’ll figure something out though and maybe can find a spare brush to use!

I also received something for me which was pretty cool. It wasn’t all things for Jack! I got a package of five Epona Ponytail Sof-Ties.


I think like all girls our hair ties go missing a lot so I’m excited for these. Before this box I had really no idea of Epona products so I’m excited to use them. They feel super soft and like it will definitely be comfortable to wear in my hair. I have a LOT of hair so it’s nice to be able to pull it back and not worry about it!

Another tack item I received was Feibing’s Saddle Soap.


I’m pretty sure this saddle soap is an equestrian staple. Also, when you’re me and my husband and have three saddles between you and a whole bunch of tack, you can never have enough saddle soap! I love how this stuff cleans and polishes and just does a good job. There’s a reason they have been around so long!

Onto the treats! I received a small package of Nutrigood low-sugar snax in carrot-anise.


First of all, two things popped out at me when I pulled these out of the box. One: They’re low-sugar. I have a green horse who is on a strict diet and I’m very conscious about his sugar intake and exactly what I’m feeding him. I love spoiling him, but with some of the high sugar and molasses treats, you really can’t do that. Therefore low-sugar treats are my favorite. Jack loves carrot flavored things (although I will admit peppermint is his kryptonite!) The other thing that popped out at me was the coupon. I love that if Jack really likes these treats, I can then get them for $1 off! Every penny definitely counts when you’re a horse mom. I’ll give him one of these tomorrow and hopefully he gobbles them down.

The last item in my box I think Saddle Box was reading my mind of how bad I am usually at tying knots. Don’t ask my trainers how many times I have to ask how to tie a quick release knot. I’m just not very good at understanding knots or remembering how to do them. I received The Pocket Guide to Equine Knots by Dan Aadland.


I’m really excited to go through this book and try and learn some new tricks and tips. I’ll be keeping it close in my tack trunk to reference when I forget how to tie a knot. Maybe some practice will help me!

Overall, I absolutely adored the Saddle Box and will probably be signing up for a full subscription or asking for it for Christmas (They do allow people to gift you a subscription!). All of the products in the box were useful. I was super happy to see there were no weird supplements or things Jack would just not need or use. Since he’s on a strict diet, random supplements and such are just not our friend. The box had a lot of good little tidbits in it and some new products and companies I didn’t know. I think it’s a great way to help equestrians learn new products and see what’s out there and give them a chance to try them before buying large amounts.

You absolutely cannot beat the price. I’m still shocked the box is only $34.95! The curry comb alone retails for $14.50 without shipping. It’s a nice surprise in your mailbox and I certainly recommend subscribing!

To subscribe, visit and sign up today!

(Note: I did receive this box from Saddle Box for free to review. But I will seriously be signing up soon for my own box I love this so much!)


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