Product Review: Aloe Advantage Enhanced Detangling Conditioner

I have officially found my new favorite product for Jack.


Photo courtesy of State Line Tack

This is the Aloe Advantage Enhanced Detangling Conditioner. It can be found on State Line Tack for $7.09. The description describes the product as:

“All-Natural Pro Series creme formula enriched with Aloe vera and Panthenol for maximum absorption. Detangles as it conditions deeply to repair and protect the hair shaft. May be used as a detangling conditioner and leave-in moisturizer or as a finishing rinse. Prevents broken and split ends without leaving a buildup. Trigger spray allows for even coverage and creme texture prevents runoff. Also great to remove loose hair, mats and tangles on dogs and cats. Long lasting for horse, hound and rider.


  • All-Natural Formula
  • Contains Aloe Vera, a natural humectant, to gently balance without leaving a buildup or causing skin irritation
  • Protein fills chips and splits in hair, and tames split ends and “frizzies”
  • Makes hair shiny, manageable and full of body for a free flowing mane and tail
  • May be used as a finishing rinse or as a leave-in moisturizing and detangling conditioner
  • For use on horses, dogs, cats and people”

I purchased it from my local barn tack shop, Birch Tree Tack. The reason this is my new favorite product was after I used it on Jack’s tail. Anyone that has met him knows he has the most full, insane amount of tail. (Not that I complain!)



If you can tell in the bottom picture, his tail is so curly and frizzy, you can’t even see his back legs! And this was after two hours of detangling with Cowboy Magic.

However it is almost one of the frizziest, craziest things to maintain ever. Usually it’s braided up and tied up in a tail bag, but taking it down for shows used to take me hours. I had to sit there with him on the crossties attempting to detangle the mess of hair. I used Cowboy Magic. I had started falling in love with Canter Mane & Tail. The Canter was doing better than the Cowboy Magic, but the Aloe Advantage gets the top prize.

The day before my dressage show last weekend, I spritzed some of the Aloe Advantage into his tail and brushed it through. I then braided it up into a loose braid for overnight to take down in the morning. Thinking “Ok, let’s give this a shot.”


The next morning I took his tail down. It was flat! It laid perfectly, it was shiny and soft and the shavings that had gotten into it came right out. And it’s been perfect since. No fighting with it. No hours of detangling. Nothing. Needless to say I was amazed and have started using it on his mane and forelock which is also a frizzy mess.

I 100% recommend this product to those who fight with tangles in their horse’s mane or tail. I do not have a dog so I haven’t tried it on one and I haven’t tried it on myself…yet. I am certainly looking forward to continue using this leave-in spray conditioner on Jack!

Note: I purchased this product on my own accord and did not receive anything for this review.


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