Making a dressage horse

Jack, who has been under saddle for less than a year now, was broken Western. Its secure seat has given both my trainer and I better control and stability while handling some very “baby” moments.

After I was gifted a dressage saddle, I really realized my focus was in making Jack into a dressage horse. I had done some dressage tests before myself and absolutely love patterns. The best part about the sport is exactly what the word dressage means; training. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach Jack how to handle himself and how to behave.

At the end of September, we will be entering our first Western Dressage competition together. We then have another one in October and then November. After that, we will be transitioning to traditional dressage over the winter.

For some reason, the “magic” of dressage has really hit me more than jumping ever had. The circles, the bends, the shoulder-ins, the extended trot, I love all of it. So now we begin the basics of dressage with Jack before the September show; rounding out his turns and circles and perfecting our trot being consistent and a nice free rein. I’m sure I’ll have more blog entries in the future about this endeavor!


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