Tackling the muck – and our relationship

One of the things my husband and I take on every week is a selection of barn chores. From mucking out stalls, watering, feeding and typical clean up, the extra money is a nice touch for our monthly bill. But it also takes an incredible amount of teamwork to be able to accomplish.

Picture this: 11 stalls of horses needing to be mucked out. Twenty-four horses to feed lunch to. Sweeping, emptying the garbage, and watering to be done in as much time as you actually want to spend doing it. So hence, accomplish the task as efficiently as possible.

Being two people instead of one does definitely works to our advantage. But when we’re cold in the winter or hot in the summer, barn chores can make anyone a bit testy. We do sometimes snap at each other. But it’s how we work through that snappiness that counts.

Eventually after a few weeks of doing chores we started really bonding as a team. We divide the tasks for the day and switch off when one of us gets tired or needs a break. We have figured out a way to work around each other and to take advantage of each other’s strengths and it’s only helped our marriage.

This teamwork and bonding is applied to other things in our life such as household chores. He goes to the laundromat, I fold the laundry. He does hand washing, I load and unload the dishwasher. We both switch off cleaning out the cat box. And when one of us is feeling overwhelmed, we aren’t worried about talking it over and communicating why we feel how we do.

Vacuuming may not be as time consuming as lugging around hay bales and wheelbarrows full of manure, but how we deal with both of them is the same. It’s the same foundation and building blocks to a good relationship.


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