Product Review: Pyranha No-Bite Fly Spray

Summer can drive any horse owner crazy. The amount of flys, gnats, horseflys and mosquitos attacking our animals is frustrating. It can ruin an entire ride, especially if an angry horsefly is after you! One of my favorite new products to use on Jack before saddling up is Pyranha’s No-Bite Fly Spray. It comes in a green bottle and it also works to repel ticks. New England has had a huge uptick in ticks this year so I definitely wanted to make sure my fly spray offered some protection.

My only complaint with this fly spray is the bottle top. The sprayer comes out more like a vicious stream than a healthy mist and my horse didn’t love this. I had to change the top or put it in another spray bottle.

To purchase, go to Pyranha, Inc. and find your local dealer. Most Tractor Supplys and other such stores do often carry Pyranha products.

(I was in no way paid or given free product to write this review.)



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