Managing show season

With springtime finally coming to New England, the discussion is now on show season. In a fortunate-unfortunate scenario, both my husband and I enjoy showing. The problem? Sharing a horse. We began negotiations about how to work show season out and eventually came to a compromise.

The key to the answer was simply the fact that I am currently riding Jack while my husband is not yet. However, since Jack hasn’t been off property yet or to a larger show, he will be entered into a lot of in-hand classes. While I can be anxious on show days, my husband is cool as a cucumber. Therefore, he will take Jack into the in-hand classes while I will ride him in Green Horse Walk/Trot once he’s ready for it.

Now most horse couples aren’t like us in this sense. Husbands typically aren’t your showing type. The trick to having a husband during show season is to not just make your husband your servant. Yes, he can be a good groom or hold your horse, but he also needs to feel appreciated. Make sure to pack snacks and sunscreen and give him breaks too. Let him decide what he wants to be responsible for. Don’t order him around.

I know shows can be stressful, but remember at the end of the day no matter the color of your ribbon, your husband is going home with you. Sometimes it’s good to put your marriage before your showing.


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