Hello and goodbye

My husband and I are very unique in our work schedules. He works early days while I work what I call 1.5 shift (not quite second shift, but just about.) I also work Sunday-Thursday while he works your typical Monday-Friday shift. Although some people would balk at these schedules, there are definitely some pros and cons – especially being a horse family.

The big con of course is the fact that we really have to cherish our time together. We see each other for a sliver of time when I come home before we go to bed and then from Friday evening when he’s out of work to Sunday afternoon when I go in.

However there are pros when it comes to horse time. During the weekdays, I will visit the barn in the mornings and see our gelding, Captain Jack. It’s my own special time with a good deal of piece and quiet at the barn since lessons are usually later and most people are at work.

My husband tends to go in the evenings after work if he can or Sundays while I’m at work. It’s his time to spend with Jack and also have some time to himself. We both use our free time to get chores done around the house and run errands.

On weekends, we tend to visit the barn together at least once a weekend. We take Jack out together, exercise him, groom him and just enjoy him. It’s nice to have the occasional “us” time with him.

It’s taken us a good bit of time to work this out. Our differing work schedules have taken a lot of adjustment, a lot of compromise and a lot of trial and error. Now that it is figured out though, it works out very smoothly. It’s not ideal in any way, but for us, it works.


One Comment on “Hello and goodbye

  1. Great start Kaitlyn! As I read your ‘con’ about the little time together – although I am sure it is hard, I also see that as a pro. This means that you’ll make the best of that little time. And when it’s more meaningful, the memories bring smiles and the aniticipation heightens!


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