The journey begins

The other day I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw a post from one of my horse friends. It detailed examples of how a guy could be a “horse husband.” It pretty much said a man must wait on his wife hand and foot at shows, at home, holding your horse, constantly feeding you, being supportive, etc. The thing is, this post kind of made me angry.

A relationship — whether between your horse and you or your husband and you — is a two-way street. It’s not a black and white, I am your queen and you listen to my every orders. I don’t think that would really work on my husband or my gelding quite frankly. But the post made me think. How many wives struggle balancing their life as a wife and an equestrian?

It can be difficult to figure out if it’s more important to go to the barn to work your horse or stay at home and do the chores. It’s a constant push and pull game as you work to balance work, home life and barn life.

Now I know I don’t have kids (not human children anyway) and that brings in a whole new equation. However this blog is going to be my attempt at helping women like me to figure out the best way to do well in the show ring and in your home.

And the journey begins now.


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